Search & Rescue Project’s Workshop via Webex

Search & Rescue Project’s Workshop via Webex

March 30, 2021

Rescue Recon is grateful to Philippe Besson of Pompiers de l’Urgence Internationale International Emergency Firefighters for inviting the team to join in the Search & Rescue Project’s Workshop on “People with Disabilities in Search & Rescue Operations” that took place online (Webex) today from 0930H until 1200H CET.

The Webinar workshop was attended by high level experts from EU institution DG EMPL and the International Organization European Disability Forum who provided an overview of existing disability-inclusive developments in EU framework and initiatives in humanitarian and search and rescue operations.

Joined by almost 250 participants from all over Europe and a few outside the European borders, 38 of these were personnel from Rescue Recon.

With six agendas from six different speakers and expertise, the team acquired new knowledge on guidelines on emergency preparedness for people with disabilities.

“There is no ‘Inclusive Rescue’, just ‘Rescue’… Everyone is equal” – Stefano Zanut

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May be an image of text that says 'EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS AND RESPONSE TO PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES: THE ITALIAN EXPERIENCE Search Rescue Emergency preparedness and response to people with disabilities: the Italian experience Stefano Zanut stefano.zanut@vigilFuoco.ik Stefano Zanut Senior Officer Ministry of the Interior National Fire and Rescue Service. Member of the "Observatory on safety and rescue of people with special needs" Ûw.0 Hosted by: PSC Europe Safety'
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May be an image of one or more people and text that says 'Speaking: EUROPEAN DISASTERS IN URBAN CENTRES: A CULTURE EXPERT NETWORK" PROJECT: HOW TO ASSIST PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES? Search Rescue DISASTER AND DISABILITY LESSONS LEARNED From EDUCEN PROJECT Caglar AKGUNGOR, PhD Çağlar Akgüngör, PhD Project manager consultant- AKUT Search and Rescue Association Hosted by: PSCEurope PSC Publk afety Communkation turope Caglar Akgungor, PhD'
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