Rescue Recon Training Center

Rescue Recon is a training venue for programs in emergency medical response and technical rescue certified by TESDA, METRO TAFE, ITDI among other emergency response organizations ensuring that the organization follows internationally-accepted training guidelines and protocols.

Rescue Recon aims at making responders skilled in performing organized response, knowledgeable in the proper usage of equipment, and adhere to international standards, without compromising the moral, ethical and medical principles.

Rescue Recon also holds updated courses and programs to ensure that it provides the latest practices, knowledge, and skills in technical and medical training.


Rescue Recon also offers the following:

  • Customized/Modified (selected topic) Training for your Organizational needs
  • Facilitate Youth Oriented Boot Camp Training for Emergency Preparedness, Awareness, and Leadership thru Rescue Recon Youth
  • Instructor Development Course for ERT and EMT graduates