ERT is a 5-day Technical training with modules that include:
– Emergency Medical Phase
– Disaster Risk Reduction Management Phase
– Technical Rescue Phase

Teaches the most efficient and safest techniques in initial assessment and care, extrication, and disaster management for both rescuers and victims. Different disasters are simulated as in high angle emergencies, water emergencies, vehicular emergencies, and more. Not only are the participants learning skills, the training also hopes to instill volunteerism and nationalism.

Adapting to modern times, this training is offered in two set up:
– In person (5 days face-to-face) – Mostly availed by group enrollees
– Hybrid (2 day online, 3 days face-to-face) – Mostly availed by individual enrollees


EMT is a 2-month Medical training that is included in the programs of TESDA for certifications.

Training will equip the participants to be responsible for the administration of specialized emergency care and the transportation of victims of acute illness or injury to a medical facility in compliance with national standards. In addition to basic life-support skills, the participant is trained in extrication, operation of emergency vehicles, basic anatomy, basic assessment of injury or illness, triage, care for specific injuries and illnesses, environmental emergencies, childbirth, transport of the patient, and more.

This training is also offered in two set up:
– In person (Face-to-face) – Mostly availed by group enrollees. Duration or number of days may be adjusted based on student availability and schedule of the group, may be shortened or lengthened.
– Blended Program (online lectures, face-to-face skills demo) – Mostly availed by individual enrollees. Not exceeding 2 months, lectures and exams are held online on weekdays, and skills demo are held face-to-face on weekends.